Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show

Always the second Saturday in July, the Sisters Quilt Show attracts thousands of visitors to view hundreds of quilts. Pictured above are Ruthann and Rod, friends from church who invited me to join them this year. Armed with my new DSLR camera, I was able to get some close-ups of fine quilting examples (click on pics. for a closer view.)

This batik quilt of a sharply paper-pieced star reflects even and interesting quilting. I like the movement of the lines quilted through each part of the star. The outline of the star stitched in the white fabric is simple and classic. On the border feather, there are two lines quilted inside the feather.

Clamshells are my favorite to quilt so I was delighted to see them used here to highlight the scales on this fish. White really stands out; maybe a lighter value orange would also work. The spirals on the blue background have an added hook (click on pic. for a closer look). Didn't "catch" what this quilt sold for.

There were many featured art quilters at the show including Gabrielle Swain. Her color composition in this quilt of different leaves is lovely with impeccable hand quilting. The line designs bring out the texture. See how the straight lines of the background accentuate the flow of the leaf shape.

At the end of the day while sitting in the Stitchin' Post quilt shop, these beautiful ribbons caught my eye from a seat near the front of the store. I bought two spools of thread: orange and magenta then sat down to observe the myriad of quilters getting their last minute souvenirs of a memorable day in Sisters.

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