Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Binding Corners & Joining Ends

Instructions on how to make the binding and begin sewing it on the quilt was covered in the previous post so read that one first if you missed it. This is the conclusion on how to handle the corners and joining the beginning and ending strips.

As you are sewing the binding down using a 3/8" seam allowance, stop 3/8" from the bottom corner and pivot diagonally. Stitch to the corner and back stitch. Remove the quilt from the machine and clip the threads.

Bring your binding strip up to create a diagonal fold.

Fold back down. This creates a mitered fold after it is sewn. Pin to hold the fold in place.

Beginning at the top edge, continue sewing a 3/8" seam down to the next corner. When you push the sewn binding back at the corner, it will fold back into a mitered corner.

When you round the last of the four corners you will approach the beginning of the binding strip. The ends are joined by overlapping one of the ends over the other by 2". Trim the excess fabric from the ends so you just have the 2" of overlap as shown.

You should have 8-10" of 'loose' binding on both ends so you can easily join the ends and sew them together.

Join the ends using the same process described in joining all the binding strips (previous post). Lay the left strip right side up and the right strip right side down. Fold the top strip down and press to create a fold. Lay the corner back in place, pin, and sew along the diagonal fold line.

Trim the seam to 1/4" and press open.

Fold the binding strip in half, right sides out, press and sew into place.

Wrap the binding around to the back of the quilt. Hand sew in place. With the tip of the needle, catch the backing and batting, then point the needle diagonally into the binding edge. Continue sewing small stitches. This method is called 'blind stitching' and you want to use a thread color that will match or blend in with your binding fabric. At the corners, sew the mitered corner closed on both the back and front of the quilt.

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