Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 for 2009: #2

Finally tackled the UFO pile to complete another quilt for 2009. This one called Heart Puzzle is a wholecloth quilt with colorful hearts on a black background. The other side is a loopy print on a solid yellow fabric, which I consider the right side of the quilt because it really shows off the quilting.

A view of the back folded over the front of the quilt.

I used a stencil called "heart puzzle" (EL5) for the design. When I started the quilting, I drew the design onto Golden Threads quilting paper, stitched through it, then tore it away. When I resumed the quilting several months later, I used a blue washable marker to draw the design on. Finally, as I finished the quilt these past two weeks, I freehand quilted the remainder, having learned the basic line elements of the design.

I sewed on a blue binding and then added echo quilting around the outer edge where there needed a bit more quilting. I like the edges to have enough dense quilting to hold up to tugging and daily wear and tear. The thread used was Superior's Perfect Quilter, a 30/3 cotton.

Copyright 2009, Sharon Baggs

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