Saturday, April 24, 2010

Minkie Coverlet

Diana's friend bought a kit to make a crib-sized minkie quilt (40 x 46), which Diana pieced for her. They decided to nix the batting, making it a coverlet, which I stitched together with an overall meandering design to secure the top and back layers. Without a layer of batting which adds stability, I had to lower the presser foot tension on my sewing machine to avoid skipped stitches.

For the thread, I chose Presencia's 50 wt. cotton (color #300--medium bay blue). When you free motion on minkie, the thread 'melts' into the fabric, making it difficult to see the actual stitch. When your machine is stopped, with the needle down into the fabric, use your fingers to feel the area you are heading into so you don't cross over stitched lines. Sufficient lighting helps to see where you've been and where you're going. (View of back, shown below)

Copyright ©2010, Sharon Baggs

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