Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boston Commons Quilt

A Boston Commons Quilt is constructed of strip sets which provide enough to make two quilts, sometimes called a two-for-one quilt. Typically made of two color gradations, this twin sized quilt features a variety of pinks in the middle and moves to shades of blue out to the border. The other quilt is a small square quilt with blue in the middle and pink on the outside edges. That will be finished later. For now, the focus is on the twin sized quilt.

This quilt top was pieced by my friend, Ruthann, who gave it to another friend, Felicia, about seven years ago. She asked me recently if I would help her finish it up and quilt it for her daughter, Aimi. The quilt covers a standard twin mattress but we plan to make it a bit bigger.

First, we trimmed the blue triangle edges off, to make a straight edge. Then we added a 2" inner pink border.

Next we will add a dark blue border which will really make the pink inner border pop.

Copyright ©2011, Sharon Baggs

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  1. when I travel I tried to pick up a fat quarter but when I visited boston I could not find a store.
    I think I will try this quilt as my rememberance
    thank you