Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Look & Feel of Quilted

Only four blocks left to quilt the background lines of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt!

The quilt gets easier to handle as the pins are removed and the batting is quilted down more and more. It actually feels like a quilt to cuddle under now.

A quick rinse to remove the blue marking lines and then on to the binding!

Other notes for the month of July as it closes out...Becca received this tortoise for her 18th birthday. Meet Percival, a Russian tortoise who is over 2 years old and can live to be 50! He eats vegies and fruit and sleeps til noon so fairly low maintenance. She has been asking for this kind of pet for years and now that she is a responsible adult, we made her and the folks at Tropical Hut very happy.

Drama babe attended summer classes at Oregon Children's Theater: drama, comedy, and a prep intensive for the Young Professionals program. She interviews for that on Thursday. Tonight she is called back for Junie B. Jones at NWCT, but beyond that, it's all confidential.

You know it takes a ukelele to bring a comedy sketch together.

Dad attended the comedy showcase, having taken the day off work after the midnight opening of Harry Potter.

Looking forward to August and hopefully some sunny weather. My son saw a store's marquee that read "Summer has arrived! Get your space heaters here." I say, grab a quilt.

Copyright ©2011, Sharon Baggs

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