Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinwheel quilt: sashing & borders

With the utility stiching-in-the-ditch completed, it's time to show off some stitching on the surface of the fabric. Although these are twin quilts, they are different, just like the girls will be. First off, I  stitched these novelty blocks with a straight grid design, while the other novelty blocks had a quilted echoed pinwheel design (see previous post).

Also shown on this block are the wavy lines quilted in the green sashing strips. I did this by choosing #4 stitch on my Bernina 153 and elongating the stitch length to about 3.5, which automatically made the wavy line design. Use the walking foot and your wide stitch throat plate. As each wavy line is completed, reset the machine to a straight stitch and travel in the ditch to get to the next part of green sashing and reset to the wavy line (my machine remembers the previous set-up at the touch of the button).

The pink inner border has free-form quilted loops, requiring feed dogs to be down on the machine and a free-form quilting foot. I use the open toe foot #24 for best visibility.

On the outer scrappy-pieced border, I quilted a meandering line and inserted random spiral designs.

A look at the back shows the quilting. The same fabric was used for the binding.

The other quilt has a different green sashing with a marked ocean wave design. A gray inner border features the same wavy line using the Bernina #4 stitch, with the elongated (3.5) stitch length.

The outer border was also quilted with a meandering line but I inserted six-spoked stars throughout.

A soft green flannel with daisies backs the second quilt and I used the same hot pink binding as the first quilt.

Copyright©2012, Sharon Baggs

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