Saturday, March 22, 2008

Batik Book Bag

Spring break provides time for extracurricular creations. Scoffing at my suggestion to search the internet for instructions to make a book bag, my daughter, Sarah, proceeded to improvise and design it herself. And it turned out so beautifully! She started by cutting two pieces of Warm and White batting--a good choice because the scrim layer makes a durable bag. Next she pieced batik fabrics randomly, then trimmed them to 14" x 16". The batik pieces were layered with the batting (no backing) and free motion quilted with Superior's King Tut thread.

Keep fingers a few inches away from the needle to avoid quilting them. This quilter did jab her right forefinger but she recovered and persevered; you'll see the completed bag next time!

Copyright 2008, Sharon Baggs


  1. Wow, quilting looks quite dangerous. Is impaling frequent? Is it considered an extreme hobby or artform?

    I am so thankful that this quilter survived her experience and even seems to be recovering from her post traumatic stress syndrome (although that might be due to other factors).

    Bind on sister!

  2. Stitching a finger is a concern but consider ths safety tip: Keep your hands flat with thumbs extended, creating a "window" area in which to quilt. Stop your machine, resposition your hands, and keep going.