Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fast and Fun Table Toppers

This table topper is from Charlene Frable's book Quilt as Desired. Using a 22.5 degree wedge (I improvised with a slightly smaller wedge) segments are cut from strips and sewn together to make the circle. The center is machine appliqued. The pattern actually makes two toppers--the one shown here and another with the fabrics in reverse order. I quilted this one with straight line cross-hatching across each segment; the second will be quilted with free motion swirls and curls.

Here's the one with straight line cross-hatching. Quilting tip: Starting on the outside edge, stitch a diagonal line across the first segment. Stop at the seam, pivot, and continue stitching diagonally. The entire top is quilted with one continuous line and makes a beautiful star-pointed design on the back. Total time piecing and quilting this topper takes about 3 hours. A great project for practicing your straight line quilting; makes a treasured gift!

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