Monday, May 19, 2008

For the love of...Soak

Recently I picked up some samples of Soak™, a rinse-free wash care product for fine fibers. Excellent stuff! Daughter Becca purchased a white sweater on Friday and embellished it with raspberry stains by Saturday. The 15 min. recommended bath yielded just OK results, so I decided to treat it like dried beans and submerged it overnight. Next morning there wasn't a trace of any stain. Amazing. Going beyond the recommended soaking time is perfectly acceptable, according to Soak's President Jacqueline Sava. Soak is safe. Dip your dainties for as long you like.

For quilt washing, stick with pure and simple products, such as Soak or Orvus Paste. Avoid detergents that strip the binders holding the colors in the fabric. A small bottle of Soak would make a nice fiber care addition when gifting a baby quilt, covering the inevitable infant stained clothing as well. Check out the full line at

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