Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Inspiration Olympics, from the precision of the Opening Ceremonies to the architectural design of both the Water Cube and Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, plus the aesthetically pleasing color scheme and swirly designs on banners everywhere, have been nothing short of awesome. It was my intent to work on UFO's while watching Michael Phelps repeatedly win gold but so far I've just been viewing and not really sewing.

The Water Cube mimics the geometric design of soap bubbles and changes color which naturally appeals to our visual sense. The stadium reminds me of the retro craft of wrapping starched yarn around a balloon. This is wonderful imagery I don't want to forget.

Even the NBC peacock has adopted a crayon colored plume, a bit more muted than the traditional bright colors. Take note of how design plays an important part in what we like to look at. Then during a commercial break, sketch some swirls in your notebook, capturing a memory of the magic surrounding Beijing 2008.

Copyright © 2008, Sharon Baggs

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