Saturday, August 2, 2008

Threads for quilting

This is a broad category that contains plenty to meet the fiber needs of quilters today. The threads I choose for a bed quilt will be different from what I choose for an artistic wall hanging. In addition to thread, many art quilts employ the use of yarn, beads, metal, and found objects as an example of mixed media. But thread is used in virtually everything quilted. Here's what I use in my beginning quilt classes and for general quilting:

Sew Art Monofilament Nylon Thread--when stitching in the ditch I stand a cone of this at the back of my machine for the top thread and use a cotton thread in the bobbin (Presencia 60/3 or 50/3) to anchor all the horizontal and vertical quilting lines. Also great for outlining applique' pieces. Beginning quilters may find this easy to work with while learning the process of free motion quilting--any bobbles and wiggles are easily disguised.
Presencia 50/3--excellent choice for quilted items that will be washed regularly. The 60/3 can also be used for fine heirloom quilting when stitching lines are close together (1/2" - 2"). The 40/3 is also suitable for quilting lines that are further apart and it works well on flannel.

Superior King Tut--beautiful for quilting open feather designs, this 40/3 cotton variegated thread changes color every inch or so. I use Presencia 50/3 in the bobbin so the resulting thread application doesn't look or feel too heavy. Choose a bobbin thread color that will blend with one of the variegated thread colors on top.

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