Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Rugs

I'm participating in a swap through Quilting Gallery (see sidebar). Over 300 people signed up to trade two mug rugs with another quilter. We've had about a month to work on these and it's both my first attempt to make a mug rug and my first swap!

Naturally, I stalked my partner's blog to see what she might like. I did get some preferences from her via the swap coordinator: modern quilting and artsy quilts. I think we like some of the same things.

This first one is randomly pieced, I just kept sewing until it measured 10" x 6". It has a bit of an Asian look to it:

On her blog, my secret person used black, white and red fabrics to make a quilt. It sounded like she wanted to go with black, white, and yellow, just couldn't find the right fabrics to go together. I understand this. Only after making a Tuffet with these colors for my eldest daughter, did I think outside the box and incorporate yellow like this. I'm using the fabrics from that project and some stash favorites.

These were pieced following the directions provided by Ryan Walsh, inspiration to all us swappers:

One of these will make it to my swap partner, but I'm asking myself, "Where's the red?" The other two will be added to the color ensemble in Sarah's room :)

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