Friday, March 25, 2011

New Quilting Goals!

I started this blog a few years ago to help give more information to my machine quilting students. Often there wasn't enough class time to cover everything related to quilting on a domestic machine--needles, thread, batting, fabric choices, quilt care, design, etc.--so I tried to incorporate those details into my posts and much of the basic information is contained within the archives of this blog.

This past year, I decided to step away from a regular teaching schedule. Now that my time is not centered around prepping for class instruction, I've focused on some new goals.

My primary goal is to tackle the box of unfinished projects I have. Recently, I took a few days to go through all my projects stored in various boxes and bags. I made a list of each quilt top or random blocks and wrote down what is needed to complete each.

My passion continues to see finished quilts! To piece a quilt is one part of the process but sometimes we get stuck going beyond that. I'll continue to work with friends and clients to complete part of the process, be it piecing, quilting, or binding, I love to share the process we go through to make design decisions.

Finally, I enjoy general sewing and ocassionally find myself working on non-quilted projects. I loved making the messenger bag and tuffet for Christmas gifts, and working on costumes for Annie and Romeo & Juliet. I've learned that quilting has made me an even better seamstress than I was before.

Now is the time to refocus this blog to show a journal of  what I'm doing in my week-to-week adventures in craft. It should be more fun and a little less academic. I'm still the domestic quilter but with a bit more going on...

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