Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Show aprons

Annie Jr. is over but here are the aprons I made for the production, which was an amazing show with lots of talented and well-dressed kids, ages 8-18. This is the french maid's apron, worn on stage by Laura S. and Megan W. (also below). It's made of linen fabric, which I cut to insert the strip of lace, also sewn along the edge.

Next are the servant aprons made of rectangles of lacy fabric that was lined, worn over black dresses we pulled from the costumes at the CYT warehouse. I made five of these aprons.

This final white apron was for the baker, Mrs. Pugh (Amelia), shown here with the amazing Miss Hannah. I made the basic skirt, cut from an edged lace fabric, then added a pointed bib, to give it a 1930's style.

I made two hot dog seller aprons, made from a slightly stretchy canvas fabric. I added a large pocket on front and sewed a vertical line so the ketchup and mustard bottles could be held steady.

All together, I made 11 aprons for this show, including Annie's pinafore. During the last show, there wasn't time to get her red sweater on over her brown dress and blue pinafore, so she came on stage just like this. I loved seeing it without the cover-up. Allisonn was the perfect Annie and she did a wonderful job acting and singing while interacting with Sandy (Tucker) whom she didn't get a lot of rehearsal time with before the show. Well done!

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