Monday, May 2, 2011


For my daughter's solo tap performance, she needed a pettiskirt. I wasn't sure what it was so I googled "pedi skirt" and came up with this very helpful tutorial from Ashley Read it for the full instructions because I only include here how I altered the size and materials used.

What makes the skirt so full and fluffy? It's actually two skirts. One is sewn to the inside of the satin waistband and the other is sewn to the outside.

Following Ashley's tip of tightening the top tension on the sewing machine (7-10) and elongating the stitch length to 5, I was able to ruffle very easily. In order to adjust the ruffle I left very long thread ends and ruffled a few yards at a time. I broke it into four sections.

I ordered a 60 yard roll of 7" wide candy colored nylon chiffon from The top tier of chiffon was 6 yards and the bottom was 12 yards. For both skirt layers I used 36 yards. For the waistband I used a stretch satin that was very shiny. My daughter's waist is 23.5 inches so I cut the satin 8" x 47".

When pressing the fold on the waistband, lay a piece of muslin over the satin (works for ribbons too) so the iron doesn't stick to the fabric/ribbon and damage it.

So after ruffling, gathering and pinning for what seemed like forever, the skirt was finished just a day before the outdoor showcase, a prelude to the final recital next month. I love the look of it, but honestly, it was very time consuming. Thankful I only had to make one. Worth it, though.

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