Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilting batiks

I have just a few squares to quilt on a batik quilt featuring many of the free motion designs I've used over the years. Each print features a different design:
 Meandering Triangles

Echoed Swirls

Wiggle Worms (thanks be Diane Gaudynski)
Molten Lava

Leaf Print Outlined + Meandering Leaves

Leaf Print Outlined + Echoed

Teardrops (L) + Flower (R)
Clamshells (above) Meandering Starbursts (below)
Echoed Freeform Feather
Wavy Grid
Curly Swirls
View of the backing fabric and feather stencil design
Backing laid over front border & binding
Sarah will have this on her bed when she comes home from Indonesia next month, where she has seen the men print batik fabric. She also taught me the proper way to pronounce "batik". The k is silent and there is a heavy accent I can't quite emulate. Lots of her clothes have been made from batik this past year and she's bringing home some remnants! Yes, I'm excited!
Copyright ©2013, Sharon Baggs

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