Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to remove renegade fabric dyes

After I washed and dried the batik quilt to remove a few marking lines, there were some pink streaks of dye on the blue batik. Ugh! I popped the quilt into the washing machine for a rinse cycle only, added a Color Catcher by Shout--looks like a white dryer sheet--and it picked up the renegade dyes the second time around.

Lesson's always wise (the first time around) to use a dye catcher when washing batik or any other fabric that might be a "bleeder". With treatment, the problem usually corrects itself.

Two other products, Synthrapol and Retayne, are also used to treat these types of fabric. I use Synthrapol when I know there is excess dye in a fabric. I usually wash those fabrics before cutting them for a quilt. When I suspect a fabric in a quilt might bleed but I did not prewash or pre-treat the fabric, I will use Retayne. This product keeps the dye from transferring to another fabric.

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