Monday, May 27, 2013

Quilting Batiks--Part 2

The batik quilt I've been quilting on for-e-v-e-r is finally finished. It's the pattern Yellow Brick Road (Atkinson Designs) and is my resume of stitches, the ultimate sampler of designs I've used in my own quilts and to teach others. Every fabric is quilted with a different design.

I used Presencia's 50 wt. cotton thread--color #106 to quilt a very organic version of Dianeshiko I learned from Diane Gaudynski herself. She uses silk thread and wool batting to show off her perfect form and technique that is so incredibly lovely.

Mine is more funky to say the least! I drew a 1/2" grid in this space and quilted continuous curves on either side of the line, working vertically and finishing with the horizontal lines. I use the ditch seam line to travel to any unfinished lines to complete the quilting.

When it's completed, it looks like cathedral windows, little pumpkin seeds, a nice background fill design.

The blue patches featured some sort of feather I quilted a shell template with pebbles added to fill the background.

I took a basic template outline and redesigned it for continuous quilting...filled in the detail to make a modern flower design and added some additional echoing. Really like this one!

Copyright ©2013, Sharon Baggs

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