Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Modern Log Cabin Blocks for Christmas!

Taking some blocks from another quilt I was working on, I decided to slice and dice them and add additional strips to make them into a modern version of Log Cabin blocks. These are flannel fabrics spanning the last decade of my stash.

The centers have a focus fabric of either red or white poinsettias, framed by green, red, and white prints. And to add interest, I have a red polka-dot on black fabric. The strips of varying width are sewn around like a picture frame/color story block. I considered going all red on one side and green on the other to create a Sunshine & Shadow block but I chose modern over traditional this time.

I love the red and white candy-stripe fabric shown in the block below, right. There's just a small amount to work with so trying to stretch it as far as possible!

I'm hoping to end up with at least 12 blocks, which I will float against a solid colored background, perhaps with a slightly wonky on-point setting. Who knows, but Christmas is coming and I'd like to get this one finished!

Copyright ©2013, Sharon Baggs 

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