Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Highlights: Weddings & the Sisters Quilt Show

As the first day of school today marks a rapid transition into fall, there are summer events worth highlighting and remembering.

We were delighted to welcome Sarah home in June from Indonesia so she could fulfill bridesmaid duties at the union of her friends, Charis & Josh.
The second weekend in July marked the 38th annual Sisters Quilt Show, the fourth time I've gone round the mountain to attend. Lots of  beautiful quilts with a strong modern influence among the traditional. We spent 3.5 hours walking, snapping photos, and enjoyed every bit of it!

We had a double treat in Sisters: the quilt show on Saturday and Kaitlyn & Elliot's wedding on Sunday at a local ranch.

Martin had the privilege to conduct the ceremony and it was one of the most beautiful events we have ever witnessed. We were able to meet up with three of our kids and enjoy the day together celebrating!

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