Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aerial View Denim Quilt

Here is another quilt pieced by Diana, quilted by me. This was originally for Robert but Diana fell in love with it while piecing it and couldn't part with it. Hence the earlier post of the Red Square denim quilt was the gift for him and I did quilt that one before tackling this.

This quilt was designed from a picture Diana took while she was in an airplane. The upper right corner features agricultural circles where I quilted a concentric design with an "arm" that intersects the diameter of each circle. I believe it is the watering apparatus that covers the field.

Lots of stitching in the ditch on this one and often additional stitching right on top of the edge to secure the seams and edges.

This is the waterway where I used a free-motion foot to complete the flowing lines and create some movement. Note the beige piece at the lower right corner where Diana pleated the fabric. I echo quilted lines to enhance her work and I love the technique she used to add texture here.

More examples of that here:

Railroad tracks feature straight-line quilting:

This is not a completely square quilt but a hanging sleeve was added by measuring the longest straight width across the top of the quilt and sewing the sleeve near the edge of the binding. A denim sleeve was used to match the lightweight denim backing and binding.

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