Monday, July 28, 2014

Prairie Points on Jazzy Trip Quilt

My daughter, Becca, made this quilt many, many years ago. It's a Trip Around the World design she named "Jazzy Trip" and she hand quilted it with pink and green pearl cotton.

She always wanted to finish it off with a prairie point binding. This type of inserted edge binding, secured between the top and the backing, would definitely add an interesting visual dimension. I procrastinated on it because I didn't really know how to make prairie points. Cluelessness kept this quilt in the unfinished pile for awhile.

So finally I devoted an entire Saturday poring over books and instructions on the internet to figure out the "how to" on making prairie points. Typically prairie points are added before layering and quilting the quilt but it's possible to do it after. Here's how: I began by pulling the backing out of the way and trimming the top and batting even. Then with the backing smoothed behind the top/batting, I trimmed a 1/2" edge allowance.

Looking through my collection of pinks and greens, I found fabrics originally used in the quilt. I added some additional fabrics that blended in with the originals ones used so there would be enough points to cover the edges. I cut 3-1/2" squares, pressed them diagonally in half and in half again. This creates a folded side and an open side. In the corner here, two points are placed folded sides together with the open sides out. This allows the next point to be inserted about 1/4" inside the corner point. 

Continue placing the points along the edge, pinning in place and making adjustments so they all fit along the edge. Keep the backing fabric out of the way and machine sew a 1/4" seam which includes 3 layers: the prairie point, top fabric and batting. Once the points are sewn along the entire perimeter of the quilt, fold the backing fabric so it is even with the top and press into place. Flip the prairie points up so they are pointing away from the quilt top and toward the edge. Bring the backing fabric even with the seam line and pin in place. If the fabric puckers on the back, remove the pins, refold the backing and press until it is flat and even with the edge. Pin in place, thread a hand sewing needle and you're now ready to hand sew the backing fabric to the seam line.

Use a diagonal slip stitch to sew the backing fabric to the seam line, the same stitch used when sewing double fold binding in place.

When you are finished hand sewing, the prairie points will be secure between the folded backing fabric and the sewn front edge. This turned out beautifully and adds great interest to the quilt!

Copyright ©2014, Sharon Baggs

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